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Friday, October 30


Is the age of blonde over yet? Is it only for film needs?

Hmmm the shiny redhead...
The shiny boots...
Similar color, I guess...
I wonder she only plays a mix and match game for her style.
Nice try, Al!

And she seems to enjoy the new do! Look at her smile, apart from what she's holding in hands. Maybe some film manuscripts, account reports, contract deals...whatever!

Really no matter what Ali Larter was busy with. 'Cuz I know your eyes haven't been staring at either the redhead nor the bundle. But the shorts...

I bet.


Tuesday, September 15

Just look at all the pics I have here.

Is Ali Larter always that sexy?

Hmmm, you should have been there next to her seat because I am sure she would take off the black outfit, and there... you could see more as you are wishing right now.


Monday, September 14

There's always something interesting to talk about a celeb shopping in Beverly Hills. One is Ali Larter who was walking down the B.H.'s streets with hmmm leggy things :)

And, she was there alone, no one to help her with the bag. You wish you were there?

May be it's better for Ali to shop without a companion because the one who knew how much dollars Ali spent on the credit card is the only teller.

Wanna imitate the way Ali Larter's shopping?


Monday, August 31

Look at her!

They way she dresses up herself, the way she smiles, the way she behaves, ah...

Just flawless.

Well, Hayes MacArthur seems to bring Ali Larter to completeness. Good job, brother!


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Saturday, August 15

Engaged in December 2007, Ali Larter and comedian Hayes MacArthur got spliced in Maine (August 1, 2009).

I am sure there're so many broken-hearted men over the continent. So sorry guys, but Ali has chosen her real hero among all the Heroes.

Now that she is Mrs. MacArthur (don't you ever deny it!), will we see her name on screens as Ali MacArthur? Euw...sound so weird to me, really.

If only I was the priest of the wedding, I would have said:

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony. Since I am a huge fan of the bride, I now pronounce you Ali MacLarter."


Source: people

Monday, November 10

Larter and Hayek attended the 2008 Hollywood Domino Tournament Benefit at the Edison Ballroom in Manhattan, New York to raise money for the Art of Elysium charity which helps encourages actors, musicians and artists to use their time and talent helping seriously ill children.

Also in attendance at the red carpet event were Piper Perabo, Jason Lewis, Rose Byrne and Elton John’s partner David Furnish.

Tuesday, October 21

Heroes star Ali Larter was engaged this past weekend to longtime boyfriend Hayes MacArthur.

Larter met MacArthur when the two were on the set of a caveman film, title Homo Erectus. Both were wearing loin clothes.

People reports that the couple celebrated their engagement at Los Angeles's Sunset Tower Hotel. They thanked guests, and then partied till the bar closed with free drinks for all their friends.

Monday, September 22

Three beautiful women, Rachel Bilson, Ali Larter and Diane Lane grace the cover of Glamour magazine's October edition as they talk about age and skincare.

Looking fabulous and natural, Bilson, "Confident at 27," Larter, "Sexy at 32," and Diane, "Red-Hot at 43," show how women in different age groups can look as fresh and glamorous in the natural way.

Friday, September 19

While Donald Trump introduced his new Trump International Hotel in Dubai, Christina Aguilera's incredible set of pipes were bursting with song, Ali Larter strolled into the party in an amazing Robert Cavalli gown.

The fans must enjoy some Ali Larter for sure. She's a minimalist but always maximizes on color. Basically, she always looks good in fashion. This dress was just dreamy so let's give her a standing ovation.

Wednesday, September 17

For Ali Larter's fans, it's so nice to hear that she will be back for the third season of 'Heroes.' Even though Nikki (Ali Larter) was in an exploding building in the last season finale. It's a good thing the characters on Heroes have super powers. Otherwise an explosion might actually kill them.

Friday, September 5

Sexy actress Ali Larter has denied reports boyfriend Hayes MacArthur has been forbidden by his family to marry the star.

A source tells Star magazine, "He comes from tons of money, and his family is very old-fashioned. They wish he'd marry a doctor or a financial planner. Anything but a Hollywood celebrity. She's really in love with him... She can't wait to tie the knot so she can prove to his family that she can be an excellent wife."

But the Resident Evil 3: Extinction star denied the rumour, telling Glamour magazine in a recent interview that, "Things are going so well."

The Hollywood couple who hooked up on the set of comedy Homo Erectus have been inseparable ever since.


Tuesday, July 29

Ali Larter has a great time in Bollywood which, for her, might be better than Hollywood. She speaks highly of the people inside Bollywood who are working together with her to create indie movie, Marigold.

"We watched a bunch of Salman Khan's movies and what was incredible to me was they're just about joy. They're about sheer entertainment. To the amount of people who watch Bollywood movies, it allows them to dream in life. They dream of better places, foods and colors. It just excites your senses in so many ways. There's something so joyous about them."

Marigold tells us a story about an American actress, Marigold Lexton, who tramples over everybody despite her fading stardom. She was hampered in her big efforts by a series of misfortunates until she met Prem (Khan), the film's dance instructor who changes her attitude and life forever.

Source: KPDX

Thursday, June 26

No wonder an actress like Ali Larter keeps her body fit for fans. Even once, the beauty was told to lose weight for a role.

“When I’m in really good shape, I like my butt. It’s juicy – that’s what my fiancé says,” the Heroes actress, 32, referring to actor Hayes MacArthur, tells Allure for its July issue.

“I’m an indulger, but then I have to be good,” Larter says over a large lunch of dumplings, scallops with ravioli and a burger with salad, fries, ketchup and mayo. “I’m also going to get my butt out and go for a run tomorrow.”

Once, before a photo shoot, her thighs needed to be duct-taped on account of “they were a little too round,” she recalls. On another occasion, while on a movie, she packed on some pounds – and that’s when being unfit really hit the fan.

“The faxes went out from the producers and the director to my agents to my manager to call me and ask me to lose weight,” she says.

“I just remember sitting in my trailer hysterically crying from the embarrassment I felt about myself, my body – and that no one could talk to me directly.”

A great actor, of course, will do something professionally once he sign up. Ali Larter? Of course, she is!

“This is what I signed up for,” she admits. “What I do for a living puts me in the spotlight. They pay me for it.”

Great job, girl!

Wednesday, June 25

Here's the Heroes actress, Ali Larter poses in cleavage in Allure July 2008.

Find how Larter feels about his job based on looks. She's not insecure, though.
She explains,

“I think that’s where insecurity comes from, because it starts with being
celebrated for the way you look… and it’s weird that it’s something you did
nothing to get.”

Hm..., but she do look great!

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 17

Ali Larter realizes, Hollywood has no place for fat actress. This is happened
when Larter gains weight. She admits that producers and directors stopped
talking to her after she piled on the pounds while shooting a film on location.

She tells Allure magazine, "The faxes went out from the producers and the
director to my agents to my manager to call me and ask me to lose weight. I just
remember sitting in my trailer hysterically crying from the embarrassment I felt
about myself, my body - and that no one could talk to me directly."

...And everything is not fair for her. There are plenty of fat producers and
directors in Hollywood but nobody complained. Ali Larter must cut down on
sweets, hand it over the fat guys behind the scene.

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